Danny Tobin Memorial Award

Open to full-time students in year 1 of any program offered at the Annapolis Valley Campus (Middleton Site).

Students must demonstrate

  • Participation in community service and/or extracurricular activities such as athletics, band, drama, yearbook or student council
  • Good academic standing
  • Applicants must have graduated in Spring from Bridgetown Regional Community School and/or entered from the Adult Learning Program at the Annapolis Valley Campus.

About the donor
Nova Scotia Community College, Annapolis Valley Campus, Middleton Site, is pleased to offer the Danny Tobin Memorial Award for Bridgetown Regional Community School Graduates and/or the Adult Learning Program from Annapolis Valley Campus. The purpose of this award is to support students entering a program at the NSCC Middleton Site directly from Bridgetown Regional Community School, and/or from the Adult Learning Program, whose principles Danny championed.

1 @ $2,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. To be considered eligible for this award, you must have graduated from Bridgetown Regional Community School or NSCC's Adult Learning Program (ALP) at the Annapolis Valley Campus this past spring. Please indicate that you meet this eligibility requirement.

  2. Community Involvement Essay

    To support your application, you have been asked to complete this essay question. While there is no minimum length, we would ask that you answer all parts of the question fully to the best of your ability, in paragraph or point form.

    Provide a summary of your participation in extra-curricular activities and/or volunteer work and/or community involvement. Please include the names of organizations, the time periods in which you were involved, and a description of your duties for each activity.

  3. Community Reference

    Before adding your reference details, you are encouraged to contact your reference to seek their permission. Confirm their email address and advise them that they will receive a request to log in to NSCC’s Student Awards system to complete the reference. You can resend the link to your reference at any time. You can also update your application to include a new reference contact if required.