Harrison McCain Bursaries

Open to full-time students enrolled in any year of study of any program at eligible campuses.

Eligible campuses include

  • Annapolis Valley
  • Lunenburg
  • Shelburne
  • Strait Area
  • Truro

Students must demonstrate

  • Financial need
  • Good academic standing
  • Applicants must self-identify as a single parent

About the donor
The Harrison McCain Foundation has generously funded bursaries specifically designated for young single parents throughout Nova Scotia. Through informal surveys and research, we have seen time and time again that a little help goes a long way. The Harrison McCain Bursaries are available to give that extra help for single parents to access throughout their NSCC journey. The bursaries are open to single parents enrolled full time in any program, at any campus, across NSCC’s campuses.

16 @ $1,000