J A H Church Award

Open to full-time students who will be graduating from the Survey Technician program at the Annapolis Valley campus in spring.

Students must demonstrate

  • Academic performance
  • Career aspirations
  • How they strived to improve as a student in the program

About the donor
This award has been made possible by the generosity of the Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors. The Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors is a self-governing body, constituted by the Land Surveyors Act. The objectives of the association are to establish and maintain standards of professional ethics, knowledge and skill among its members; and to regulate the practice of professional land surveying in order to protect the public.

1 @ $500
Supplemental Questions
  1. J A H Church Essay

    To support your application, you have been asked to complete this essay question. While there is no minimum length, we would ask that you answer all parts of the question fully to the best of your ability, in paragraph or point form.

    Please describe how you strived to improve as a student in your program.