Spark Creativity Bursaries

Open to full and part-time students enrolled in any year of study of eligible programs at any campus where the eligible programs are offered.

Eligible programs include:

  • Applied Media and Communication Arts
  • Digital Animation
  • Game and Interactive Art
  • Game Programming
  • Graphic and Print Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Music Arts
  • Music Business
  • Music Production and Engineering
  • Nonprofit Leadership
  • Professional Photography
  • Radio Television Journalism
  • Screen Arts

Application assessment will consider

  • Career aspirations and commitment and interest in program
  • Financial need
  • Good academic standing
  • Self-identification: a member of one or more equity deserving groups: Mi’kmaw/Indigenous, African Nova Scotian, Black and other Racially Visible persons, Persons with disabilities, members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, Women in non-traditional occupations (for women enrolled in Music Production and Engineering and Game Programming), new immigrants and refugees.
  • Preference: one award will be given to a student from the Neurodiverse community
  • Preference: no more than two awards will be given to students in the same program

About the award
The Spark Creativity Bursary fund seeks to support students from communities underrepresented in Nova Scotia’s creative sector as they pursue Creative Industries programming at NSCC. Creativity flourishes in culturally safe environments where diversity of thought and lived experience is recognized, encouraged and celebrated. NSCC’s School of Business and Creative Industries, along with donors to this fund, want Nova Scotia’s creative economy to have a more diverse representation and are helping to reduce barriers to education through these bursaries.

11 @ $1,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Spark Creativity Bursary Screening Question

    To be considered eligible to apply for this award, you must belong to one or more of the following equity deserving groups. Please select the groups that apply to you:
    • Mi’kmaw/Indigenous
    • African Nova Scotian/Black
    • Racially visible
    • Persons with Disabilities
    • 2SLGBTQIA+
    • Women in non-traditional occupations (students enrolled in Music Production and Engineering or Game Programming)
    • Neurodiverse Community
    • New Immigrant
    • Refugee

  2. Spark Creativity Essay

    How will you promote diversity within Nova Scotia's creative sector?