Archy Beals Legacy Award - Spring

Archy Beals

Open to full time students enrolled in any program at any campus.

Application assessment will consider

  • How an NSCC education will help benefit the African Nova Scotian Community
  • Good academic standing
  • Self-identification: African Nova Scotian, Historically/Indigenous Black, African Canadian
  • Graduation from a Nova Scotia High School
  • Preference: resident of an African Nova Scotian community of North Preston, East Preston, Lake Loon or Cherry Brook (for one award offering)

About the award
Archy worked at NSCC for 27 years as the very first African Nova Scotian employee in Student Services. Archy has worked at every single NSCC campus and within every single African Nova Scotian community across the province. As a result, he is well known far and wide as a community builder, leader, educator and strong advocate for inclusion and representation in education. Archy’s focus on building a more equitable community has laid an incredible foundation and legacy for opportunities and success for all students and staff at NSCC.

Archy has been a committed community volunteer with numerous organizations, Boards and Agencies in the province of Nova Scotia including the Association of Black Social Workers, the Provincial Advisory Committee on Education, the Council on African Canadian Education and is a staunch advocate and champion for justice, equity and work in anti-racism in education. Most recently, under Archy’s leadership, the Preston Township Emergency Response Team won the 2020 Nova Scotia Human Rights Award.

Archy’s work has equally contributed to the transformational growth and cultural innovation within the college to build equity and inclusion through programming, services and initiatives. This includes the development of the African Canadian Transition Program, the African Canadian Tutoring Program, the African Canadian Student Emergency Fund, the African Canadian Advisory Committee to the college, and helping to facilitate and nurture African Canadian student cohort learning programs, just to name a few.

This award will support students of African descent who have graduated from a Nova Scotia High School and study in any program at any NSCC campus, to help with costs for tuition, books, and any additional fees.

6 @ $1,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. To be considered eligible for this award, you must have graduated from a Nova Scotia High School. Please indicate that you meet this eligibility requirement.

  2. For one of the awards offered, preference will be given to students who are residents of the following African Nova Scotian communities: North Preston, East Preston, Lake Loon or Cherry Brook. Please indicate if you meet this preferred eligibility requirement.

  3. Archy Beals Essay

    Please describe how your NSCC education will help benefit the African Nova Scotian community.