Danny Tobin Returning Student Award

Open to full and part-time students who will be enrolled in year 2 of any program offered at the Annapolis Valley Campus (Middleton Site).

Application assessment will consider

  • Financial need
  • How NSCC has reshaped the direction of their life and how the award will impact their goals
  • Commitment and interest in program
  • Good academic standing
  • Enrollment in a diploma program

About the award
In 2006, the Middleton site of the Annapolis Valley Campus received a generous endowment of approximately $175,000 from Doris J. Hamilton’s estate in memory of her nephew, Danny Tobin. Danny was a long-time faculty member of the campus who was known for his kindness, generosity and community spirit.

1 @ $1,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. NSCC Impact Essay

    Please describe how NSCC has reshaped the direction of your life and how this award will make a significant impact on your goals.

  2. Career Reference

    Before adding your reference details, you are encouraged to contact your reference to seek their permission. Confirm their email address and advise them that they will receive a request to log in to NSCC’s Student Awards system to complete the reference. You can resend the link to your reference at any time. You can also update your application to include a new reference contact if required.