Annapolis Valley Student Association Award - Spring

Annapolis Valley

Open to full and part-time students enrolled in any year of study of any program offered at the Annapolis Valley Campus, Middleton site.

Application assessment will consider

  • Financial need
  • Career aspirations and commitment and interest in program
  • Good academic standing

About the donor
The NSCC Student Association (SA) is a student run and student funded organization that represents full and part time students. On behalf of its membership, the NSCC Student Association approved a contribution to the NSCC Make Way Campaign to provide bursaries to students on their campus, further demonstrating the power of supporting one another and the importance of student involvement in community.

This student award is in keeping with the SA’s mission – We are students working together to improve student life by creating opportunities for balanced lifestyles, promoting health and wellness, and encouraging campus-wide communication and participation.

2 @ $1,000