Karisha Gallimore Resiliency Award

Open to full and part-time students enrolled in any year of study of Criminal Justice at the Truro Campus.

Students must demonstrate

  • Financial need
  • Commitment and interest in program
  • Community volunteerism/extra-curricular involvement
  • Good academic standing

About the award
Karisha Gallimore was born and raised in Jamaica and first came to Truro to work in the strawberry fields. She worked hard to send money home and save for her education. After years of saving she realized her dream of starting the Criminal Justice program at the Truro Campus.

She was a natural learner and loved her program. Her passion and determination exuded from every pore. In January 2018, in the middle of her program, she discovered she had Stage IV stomach cancer. She remained positive, overcame huge obstacles and pushed through to try and complete her education. She underwent chemotherapy, worked part-time and excelled academically. She inspired and motivated those around her with her positivity and kindness.

Unfortunately, in July 2019 Karisha’s battle with cancer ended and she passed away before realizing her full educational dream. The Karisha Gallimore Resiliency Award was created to honour her memory and inspire others.

1 @ $1,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Community Involvement Essay

    To support your application, you have been asked to complete this essay question. While there is no minimum length, we would ask that you answer all parts of the question fully to the best of your ability, in paragraph or point form.

    Provide a summary of your participation in extra-curricular activities and/or volunteer work and/or community involvement. Please include the names of organizations, the time periods in which you were involved, and a description of your duties for each activity.