TK Foundation Maritime Bursary

Open to full-time students enrolled in the first or second year of three years of education at Strait Area campus in Marine Navigation Technology or Marine Engineering Technology. Applicants in this program must be intending to enrol in the Management program. This bursary also includes a $1,000 monthly cost of living stipend that will be issued each month from September to May. Funds will be contingent on maintaining regular attendance and a passing grade in each course.

Application assessment will consider

  • Commitment and interest in program
  • Good academic standing
  • Self-identification: member of one or more equity deserving groups
  • Preference: self-identification as female

About the donor
The TK Foundation’s mission is to fulfill the legacy of J. Torben Karlshoej by enabling youth to succeed and promoting maritime education and safety.

We fulfill this legacy by investing in programs that:
1. Enable youth to maximize their capabilities through pathways such as education, training, and life skills with a view to becoming self-sufficient.
2. Promote knowledge of the seas and oceans, and strengthen maritime safety and security for the betterment of all.

1 @ $5000