Urgent Aid - Marconi Campus

Urgent Aid (UA) funding is available to help current NSCC students with an unanticipated financial challenge that may impact successful program completion.

To be eligible to apply for Urgent Aid, students must:

  • Apply to the Urgent Aid opportunity for your campus.
  • Reside in Canada. International students who are residing outside of Canada are not eligible to apply for Urgent Aid.
  • Be enrolled and actively taking courses, either full or part time, in a program leading to an NSCC credential. This also includes the Adult Learning Program (ALP), Achieve, and Women Unlimited.
  • Be experiencing an unanticipated financial challenge.
  • Is willing to explore all other funding resources and opportunities, including government loans, student awards, etc.
  • Demonstrate commitment to their education through regular attendance and completion of course requirements.

Urgent Aid is not typically granted to support the following types of requests:

  • Payment of tuition or fees assessed by NSCC. Tuition and fees associated with a student’s program is not an unanticipated expense; it is well documented on our tuition and fees page and therefore does not align with the intention of Urgent Aid funding.
  • Expenses related to the financial concerns of others (family, friends, etc).
  • Requests to cover cash flow difficulties that can be mitigated through other means (i.e. tuition fee deferrals, payment plans, book credits, etc).

Application Process
The application process is outlined for students on Connect.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Completing your application for Urgent Aid
    • Once you have submitted your application form, you must make an appointment for an urgent aid meeting with your Student Services Advisor or Program Coordinator (ALP Counsellor, Achieve Program Coordinator, etc.) who will review your application and support you with your financial plan.
    • If you do not follow through with an appointment, the Student Awards Office will decline your application.

    Are you currently residing outside of Canada?
  2. Please briefly outline your urgent financial need.
    Urgent Aid supports students facing unanticipated financial challenges. How does your situation meet this criteria? Please explain the unanticipated nature of your request and what steps you have already taken to address this need through other means.
  3. What is the amount of Urgent Aid you are requesting?
  4. Do you have an outstanding tuition balance at NSCC?
  5. Is your immediate need to address a temporary cash flow issue? (i.e. you have financial support coming later, but need help now)
  6. Upload your completed Budget Review Worksheet
    Please download and complete the Budget Review Worksheet found on Connect. Enter your name and Student ID in the file description when uploading your completed worksheet.

  7. In applying for Urgent Aid, I attest that:
    • I am demonstrating commitment to my education through regular attendance of all classes for my program of study.
    • I have sought other means of financial support for my education (i.e. student loan, student awards, family support, etc.).
    • I have reviewed the eligibility criteria and exclusions for this opportunity (found by clicking on the award name above)

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